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If you’re looking for virtuoso guitaring, or thrashy, fast-paced action, look elsewhere. This is all about a ballsy, sludgy, heavy, oppressive pounding of the eardrums.

I recently got my hands on Those Who Fear‘s new full-length, “Unholy Anger”, and let me tell you, calling it “heavy hardcore” doesn’t do it justice. From start to finish, my head was in constant, headbanging motion. I was a huge fan of their 2011 “Legacy” EP, and it was quite frankly, the heaviest thing I’ve heard until now. On the downside, there isn’t a whole lot of distinction between songs, and the album is a tad lacking in the creativity department. But then again, who needs diversity when what they do is so damn good? Especially live. They play so loud, and with so much energy, the crowd doesn’t stop until the end of their set.

The band recently signed to Facedown Records, and you can check out their website, as well as buy this album, right here. \m/