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What a name. What a line-up.

This is one of the best looking shows I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve never even heard of United Blood Fest until just recently. However, it’s been an annual thing for a couple of years now, which makes me wish I’d heard of it sooner. There are some serious heavyweights in this line-up, such as Cruel Hand, TUI, Down To Nothing, Power Trip, Soul Search, Bane, and many more. More info and tickets can be found on their website.

The show is over a two day stretch, March 29th and 30th, so it’s still more than a month away, leaving enough time to plan. It’s in Richmond, VA, which is unfortunately about a 6 hour drive from the Wheeling, WV area. There’s no way it can be anything other than spectacular, and judging from YouTube clips of previous years, it won’t disappoint.
For example:

Respect to VA for having a bad ass crowd.

I hope to somehow make it out. But if not, there’s always next year. \m/



If you’re looking for virtuoso guitaring, or thrashy, fast-paced action, look elsewhere. This is all about a ballsy, sludgy, heavy, oppressive pounding of the eardrums.

I recently got my hands on Those Who Fear‘s new full-length, “Unholy Anger”, and let me tell you, calling it “heavy hardcore” doesn’t do it justice. From start to finish, my head was in constant, headbanging motion. I was a huge fan of their 2011 “Legacy” EP, and it was quite frankly, the heaviest thing I’ve heard until now. On the downside, there isn’t a whole lot of distinction between songs, and the album is a tad lacking in the creativity department. But then again, who needs diversity when what they do is so damn good? Especially live. They play so loud, and with so much energy, the crowd doesn’t stop until the end of their set.

The band recently signed to Facedown Records, and you can check out their website, as well as buy this album, right here. \m/

Whatever your plans are for April 23rd, you should drop them and come to this show. It’s at the Community Center in Lansing, OH, about 15 minutes from Wheeling. I know it’s more than two months away, but if the lineup holds, this will be one hell of a show. It’s $10 at the door, and there will be tons of merch, no doubt. There is no flyer currently available, but all the information is on the Facebook page.

I’m a fan of all of these bands, including the locals in Death Sentence. And I can tell you firsthand that Xibalba is awesome live. If you don’t believe me, watch their video for “Cold”. Raunchy as hell. \m/

Hardcore music has been around for decades, dating back to the early 80’s in the years of hardcore punk, with bands like Black Flag, Bad Religion, and Suicidal Tendencies. However, the movement has grown and transformed over the years, branching off into different subsections of hardcore such as the straight edge, youth crew, punk, old school and new school. And from these branches come legendary acts such as Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Madball, Cro-Mags, H20, and the list could go on and on.

There is another band I consider a legend in their own right, that is not usually mentioned with those other giants, and that band is Terror. Granted, they haven’t been around as long as the others; their first demo was released in 2002. But for a hardcore band, 10 years in the business is more than respectable. Plus, in just that 10 year span they’ve put out at least 15 records, demos, and live footage videos, while touring countless times across the country. They are a band that loves what they do, and have contributed more to modern hardcore than any other band I can think of.

Their last album, “Keepers Of The Faith” was awesome. Below is the video for the title track. Also, they have a new album, “Live By The Code”, set to release in April 2013. More info about that can be found on their website. Remember, if you listen to hardcore, you listen to Terror. \m/

This is one of my absolute favorite videos of a show. Obviously, I didn’t make it out to New York to see it in person. Hell, I didn’t even know who Backtrack was when this “Darker Half” CD release show happened. But a friend showed me this video and they became one of my favorite hardcore artists.

Shows like this are the best. The whole crowd gets in to it, which gets the band pumped up and makes for an awesome time. I especially love watching the black guy at the beginning. He gets into that two-step so hard. Luckily, I did get to see them play at The Lakeview House back in October of 2012. It was a good show, but not as crazy as the one in this video. But that just goes to show how hardcore New York is.

Backtrack is a sick band everybody should listen to. Do yourself a favor and check their Facebook out, buy some merch, and get “Darker Half”! \m/