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Whatever your plans are for April 23rd, you should drop them and come to this show. It’s at the Community Center in Lansing, OH, about 15 minutes from Wheeling. I know it’s more than two months away, but if the lineup holds, this will be one hell of a show. It’s $10 at the door, and there will be tons of merch, no doubt. There is no flyer currently available, but all the information is on the Facebook page.

I’m a fan of all of these bands, including the locals in Death Sentence. And I can tell you firsthand that Xibalba is awesome live. If you don’t believe me, watch their video for “Cold”. Raunchy as hell. \m/


It is with great sadness and despair that we must say goodbye to one of the best venues the area has to offer. Dubbed “The Lakeview House” in Barnesville, OH, it was host to some awesome shows with some big name bands, such as Death Before Dishonor, Backtrack, and Harm’s Way. All thanks to a couple of local guys, Austin Sparkman and Benjamin Hall.

Although the name makes it sound majestic, it was literally just a house basement. But as I’ve come to realize, basements might be the best type of venue for hardcore shows. People from all over would gather and pack into this place like nothing I’ve seen before. And when the music started, shit went crazy. You couldn’t NOT get hit or pushed over or jumped on. But it was awesome, and anybody who went to those shows would agree. Below is a video taken of Harm’s Way playing “Scrambled” at Lakeview. Hopefully a place like this comes along again. Nothing says hardcore like basement shows. \m/


Hellbent Fest is becoming an annual tradition in the area and this will for sure be the biggest one yet, featuring hardcore legends in Cro-Mags, along with some of the heaviest, nastiest bands to play in the Ohio Valley, such as Agitator and Full of Hell. This event has a Facebook page and pre-sale tickets are available at Big Cartel, which I believe is the safest route to get your ticket because this show might sell out.

This show is a good opportunity to get out, support hardcore music, and have one hell of a time. Hellbent Fest has yet to disappoint me in it’s first two years and I’m sure the third will be no different. In fact, I think this show will only grow from here, so it’s really cool that it is not too far from the local area. It’s in Lansing, OH which is only about 15 minutes from Wheeling.

I hope to see some new faces show up for the Fest. And please show support by sharing, posting, forwarding, printing fliers or whatever you like to do. Let’s make it big! \m/.