The Search For Merch

Posted: February 12, 2013 in The More You Know...
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In the hardcore community, band clothing and merchandise is a big deal. Not only are the clothes bad ass, but it’s also a way to give and show support for your favorite artists. In my own quest for such clothes, I’ve come across some good sites for spending your hard earned cash.


First, there’s All In Merchandise. This is a pretty popular site. They have a well organized site, and they offer a “Bargain Bin” with some good deals. As far as different band merchandise featured, there’s a huge variety of bands, including a lot of well-known bands as well as some lesser-known ones. A great site for someone looking for a variety of options.


Next, there’s Cold Cuts Merch. This is a good site with access to some bands you won’t find on many other sites. They offer a good variety of bands, but sometimes they lack in variety within each band’s collection. However, one cool aspect of this site, is that they feature a blog which gives updates on merchandise and other news. Definitely worth checking out.


And finally, there’s Hellfish Family. This is one of my favorites because of the website design and merchandise variety. They also have updates via their twitter account. It gets kind of confusing because they organize by record company/label too, but that could be a good thing if you know your labels. All in all, a really good site you should consider.

These aren’t the only sites out there to by band merch, though. Don’t be afraid to explore the internet, or Google what you want. To be honest, most of the merch I’ve bought have come from shows, not websites. Either way, your purchase is supporting the bands, and that’s what hardcore is all about. \m/


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