Hard·core (härdkôr, -kr): A Definition

Posted: February 7, 2013 in The More You Know...
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It is a noun, and an adjective. It is a genre of music, but even more so, it is a way of existing.

Hardcore can mean different things to different people. To some, it may mean an unbearable sounding music with a bunch of idiots flailing around at shows, but to others, it is an alternative lifestyle fueled by shows, music, merch, energy, and brotherhood. I side with the latter on this issue, because I can tell you from personal experience, hardcore music is life-changing.

It lets you channel energy and everyday aggravations into something positive and creative. It’s not about starting fights or partying until the sun comes up, but rather having a damn good time while throwing your fists in the air to some heavy tunes. It’s a freedom of expression not offered by any other type of music, yet also a responsibility to not let things in life stand in your way. Hardcore is about being resilient and strong, while still having a good time. At east, that’s how I see it. \m/



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