It is with great sadness and despair that we must say goodbye to one of the best venues the area has to offer. Dubbed “The Lakeview House” in Barnesville, OH, it was host to some awesome shows with some big name bands, such as Death Before Dishonor, Backtrack, and Harm’s Way. All thanks to a couple of local guys, Austin Sparkman and Benjamin Hall.

Although the name makes it sound majestic, it was literally just a house basement. But as I’ve come to realize, basements might be the best type of venue for hardcore shows. People from all over would gather and pack into this place like nothing I’ve seen before. And when the music started, shit went crazy. You couldn’t NOT get hit or pushed over or jumped on. But it was awesome, and anybody who went to those shows would agree. Below is a video taken of Harm’s Way playing “Scrambled” at Lakeview. Hopefully a place like this comes along again. Nothing says hardcore like basement shows. \m/

  1. groomsy144 says:

    It is a shame to see a great local venue fall to pieces like that. I have been in a few hardcore basement shows and nothing screams nitty gritty core like a sketchy ass basment. I have never been to this place nor have i ever heard about it and it makes me sad to find out about it long after it is gone. I bet you witness alot of great local bands get a start there.

  2. eminor2013 says:

    Yeah there’s been more than a few good shows there. It’s a shame you never made it out, but I’m sure another place will spring up somewhere. After all, hardcore will never die \m/

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