The Touring Band Life

Posted: January 29, 2013 in The More You Know...
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I really do feel for these guys.

I really do feel for these guys.

I found a very interesting article on Heavy Blog Is Heavy about how it is to live, and eat, in a touring band on the road. In my days playing music, I’ve played a few shows out of the area, here and there, but nothing that could be considered a “tour”. However, I can still relate to this article. I’ve eaten unhealthy amounts of fast food, gone consecutive nights without much sleep, and smelled like a dirty, sweaty, piece of garbage, all in the name of playing shows. Although this particular article deals mostly with the food aspect, anything can happen, and it can be frustrating, like the picture above shows.

Eating especially becomes an issue, if like me, you’re trying to be a healthier person. Fast food is unfortunately the easiest route to take because it’s cheap, addictingly good, and most places are open late, if not all night. A positive note, I read in the article Taco Bell has a campaign to support up-and-coming bands with a free “Fourthmeal”, you know, the meal after dinner and before breakfast. The 2012 featured artists can be found here.

Overall, this is a very well written article, with interviews and research that gives a glimpse into the life of a touring band. So next time you go see an out-of-town band, remember how trying being on tour can be and show some support! \m/

  1. Battyeyes says:

    I think this is a really neat article and as a fan of the music I loved the insight it gave into band life.
    Good blog and I am glad you gave some background information to the what the life of a musician is like and how hard it can be!

    • eminor2013 says:

      You say you’re a fan of the music, eh? What do you listen to?

      • Right now I have found my taste in music changing but I used to listen to bands like Killswitch Engaged, Slipknot, and a lot of other bands in those genres, lately not so much.
        I also used to go to Yesterdays all the time to see local shows so I am definitely behind you in supporting the local music scene.

  2. nate05 says:

    This sounds a lot like dorm life at West Lib. You have two options: either eat disgusting Caf food, or at one of the fast food places on campus, unless you’re willing to make a 25 minute trip to town. Of course, cooking for yourself is completely out of the question. I’m glad I don’t have to live in the dorms anymore…

    • eminor2013 says:

      That’s a good comparison, especially when it comes to the food situation. And I feel your pain when it comes to dorm life, this is my fourth year staying in one. However, the big plus with a dorm is a decent bed to sleep in instead of the back of a van or a stranger’s basement.

  3. annee24 says:

    I think everyone thinks being on tour would be the life, but I know I couldn’t rough it. I give them alot of credit, espically because eating all that fast food slows your body down. That plus the lack of sleep I am surprised they are able to put on a show. Great article!

  4. zachwlu says:

    The photo for this post caught my attetion. I like it.

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